Time Team Gold Archaeology Trowel Lapel Pin (Ontogenie, Kimberly Falk Collection)

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This stunningly intricate gold Archaeology Trowel Lapel Pin design has been developed exclusively for Time Team as part of our newest Jewellery collection.

This stunning intricate design features the Time Team iconic logo on the face of the trowel and is a truly stunning piece for any avid archaeologist and member of the Time Team community.

The "tool of the trade" for those involved in archaeology, whether amateur or professional is a trowel. These 14K gold plated earrings replicate the pointing archaeology trowel used by archaeologists, and are presented in a beautiful embossed gift box and Time Team cotton gift bag.

These designs were developed by creating a digital model, which is then 3D printed in wax and cast in metal using cutting edge technology that ensures a high quality finish and intricacy of detail that would otherwise be impossible to achieve at this scale.

Created by professional jewellery designer Kimberly Falk, founder of the popular Jewellery brand Ontogenie, who's work specialises in designs that relate to palaeontology, archaeology and scientific themes, these pieces are truly unique and it's fair to say we adore them!

Additional Features:

  • Lapel Pin with Time Team logo featured on face
  • Secured with special clasp fastening on back
  • Trowel Face: 29mm/1.14" long x 9.5mm/0.37" wide approx.
  • Material: 14K Gold Plated Brass
  • Designed exclusively for Time Team
  • Presented in small gift box with Time Team cotton drawstring bag
  • Created in Germany and Netherlands
  • Care: To prevent damage, we recommend storing your item away from other products, and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products
  • Discolouration of gold plated jewelry can occur if exposed to skin oils, chlorine, sulfur, hand sanitizers or cleaning agents. Please remove jewellery before showering, swimming, housecleaning, etc.
  • To prevent scratches, protect jewellery from impact against other objects and hard surfaces


Meet The Maker:

Kimberly Falk founded Ontogenie, a jewelry brand inspired by science and nature, in 2014. After many years of postdoctoral research studying organisms from plants to locusts, Kimberly used her scientific background to create jewelry inspired by scientific discovery, research organisms, and scientists themselves.

Most artists start with a pencil sketch, but Kimberly uses reference photos to create a three-dimensional shape in her mind and then digitally sculpts this form using computer animation software. Her files are sent to a company that 3D prints the designs in wax and casts them in precious metals. The advantage of 3D printing for jewelry design is that intricate details can be achieved that are not possible by traditional wax carving. This resolution allows for the accurate interpretation of biological organisms as jewelry.

There are over 200 designs in her collections, encompassing biology, paleontology, archaeology, geology, and other sciences. With millions of species on earth, it’s unlikely she will run low on inspiration any time soon. 

Kimberly grew up in Spokane, Washington, USA, attended Washington State University and the University of Idaho, and earned her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She moved to the university town of Jena, Germany in 1997. She is married to a scientist, has two genius daughters and two feisty cats, and hikes the hills around Jena when she needs to clear her head and observe nature in real life instead of virtually. 

You can find out more about Kimberly's work here.

Photo credit: Kimberly Falk, Ontogenie

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