Finding Eanswythe: The Life and Afterlife of an Anglo-Saxon Saint

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by Editors J. Doherty, L. Hardy, A. Richardson and E. Williams - Softback

Finding Eanswythe - The Life and Afterlife of an Anglo-Saxon Saint, is a book written about Eanswythe the Patron Saint of Folkestone. Sales of this book goes towards supporting future work on St Eanswythe and her legacy.


Our resident community archaeologist Dani Wootton has put together a book review which available to watch on Patreon!

An exclusive interview with Dani and Dr Andrew Richardson of Canterbury Archaeological Trust is available to watch here, discussing the incredible 1400-year old detective story, involving an early Anglo-Saxon saint and member of the Kentish royal family. 

Eanswythe was an Anglo-Saxon, Kentish Royal Saint and the grand-daughter of King Ethelbert of Kent (the first English king to convert to Christianity under Augustine) and aunt of the two princes murdered at Eastry (as featured in the Kent based Time Team episode - S13E06 'Court of the Kentish King').

For years it was believed that her mortal remains resided in the local church in Folkestone, Kent which is dedicated to her. St Eanswythe is believed to have founded one of the earliest monastic communities in England, perhaps around AD 660 on the Bayle, the overlooked historic centre of Folkestone.

Then, in the 1880s an ancient casket containing a pile of bones was discovered in a hidden alcove in the church. Could these possibly be the mortal remains of the early English princess?

The search for this lost heritage of Folkestone began in 2014 by a few individuals keen to seek out her history and legacy within the town. Led by Canterbury Christchurch University, the project soon gained traction and was able to secure funds from the Heritage Lottery and support from Folkestone Museum.

The book documents the project from the start, through to the announcement surrounding the scientific investigation in 2020 that confirmed that human remains kept in the Church in Folkestone are almost certainly those of St Eanswythe. The bones are thought to be the earliest verified remains of an English saint – and the only current verified remains of the Kentish royal dynasty.

Discover more about Finding Eanswythe here.


Additional Details:

  • Softback: 54 pages
  • Product dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
  • Produced by Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781909067943
  • Photo credit: Matt Rowe

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